PwC otevřelo v Praze největší Experience centrum ve střední a východní Evropě
Štíhlé a designérské myšlení v praxi

PwC Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has opened its largest Experience Center in Prague, Czech Republic

PwC decided their largest Experience Center in CEE would be based in Prague. Prague’s Pankrác district, therefore, became a place where international experts and leading practitioners on innovation, digital, analytics and technology serve clients within CEE and globally.

"The Experience Centre is a transformation of our culture – how we co-create with clients and therefore guide them through a new client journey; secondly this Center is an expression of how we innovate and develop disruptive products and solutions through rapid prototyping and application development. We want our clients to be immersed in an environment, where they seek PwC to solve their hardest challenges. We pride ourselves on helping companies in CEE and globally compete and win in the industries they serve,” said Flavio Palaci, PwC CEE Data Analytics and Digital leader.




What exactly is an Experience Center?

A complex ecosystem where creative people cooperate with experts from various fields in an ever-changing physical and digital world. Together with our clients, we invent and test new services, products and software through the lens of our design and digital experts. We start by putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes and try to understand and solve their problems, empathizing and learning more about how their customers interact with their business. This journey helps PwC shape new and novel solutions through rapid prototyping or digital applications. We underpin the Experience Centre with leading design thinking experts to bring provocative ideas to clients, enabling them to compete and win. Our Experience Center is an incubator of our innovative culture and, as such, PwC has developed a remarkable platform which we take our clients through during each innovation “jam” session. The main concepts behind the methodology can be described in three words – Business, Experience and Technology (BXT).


What is there to see?

The Prague Experience Center is mainly about cooperation, prototyping and innovation. It is not just a showroom of technological gadgets. That does not mean you will not find the latest IoT devices, one of the largest commercial 3D printers in Prague, food printers, augmented reality devices or robots.  It is a space to co-create and believe in the art of the possible.  Underpinning our BXT methodology, we have developed a few showcases to present our view on how industries will further change and be disrupted such as the bank of the future, the retailer of the future, the future automotive industry and industry 4.0.

Is this just a pure international team, or do you have local Czech innovators?

PwC Czech Republic has more than 800 local professionals covering more than just traditional fields, such as consulting, tax, legal and assurance. Through our continued focus on staying relevant PwC has acquired and developed new and emerging teams like Digital Disruption, Data and Analytics, Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing. As such, we seek to nurture the life blood of this innovative practice in emerging future leaders graduating from Czech universities and disruptive design thinkers from Czech start-ups. We are growing at a staggering rate making PwC CEE the largest practice in Data Analytics, Rapid Prototyping and Application Development in the region.


What are the world’s Experience Centers?

There are more than 20 Experience centers and innovative laboratories worldwide. The closest in Europe can be found in Frankfurt and Warsaw. The rest operate on all continents, Africa and Asia included. The largest center, encompassing more than 3,300 square meters, is situated in Miami, Florida.


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December 12, 2016 | Express Scripts

One of the things I love most about working at Express Scripts is the opportunity for career advancement. Since joining the company, I’ve had the opportunity to work in Product, Sales & Account Management and Human Resources. And for the last year, I’ve served as vice president of Total Rewards, which includes compensation, benefits, well-being, recognition and retirement programs.

I can honestly say the last 12 months have been the most challenging and rewarding of my career. Creating a global total rewards strategy that meets the diverse needs of 27,000 employees is a complex balancing act. Oftentimes, when I visit one of our locations or receive feedback from colleagues via email or even in the “Ask Me Anything” series (read more about that here), the majority of questions are related to healthcare costs, our total rewards offerings (e.g., why do we offer one program versus another), and pay. I wanted to take some time to share what goes into making those decisions.

Getting It Right = Balancing Priorities

We know that pay and access to healthcare are the most critical parts of what we as a company can provide to employees. How do we ensure we are meeting the needs of all employees, who are located in different cities (and in some instances, countries) and all in different stages of their lives? As a company, our total rewards strategy is guided by a set of principles that we evaluate each total rewards policy and program against, including:

Will the program or benefit meet the needs of the majority of our workforce?
Are we maintaining our competitiveness in the marketplace when we consider all of our offerings?
Is the program or benefit fiscally responsible for our employees and the company?
For example, baby boomers make up 28% of our workforce. Their needs might be different than the 40% of employees who are millennials. Baby boomers are more than likely thinking about and planning for retirement, while millennials may be more focused on reducing student loan debt. Our goal is to offer a total rewards package that provides enough flexibility to meet employees’ needs wherever they are in life. We also provide employees with a regular and complete statement of their total rewards package so they can see everything in one place and make sure their chosen benefits are still the best option for them.

Listening to Ongoing Feedback

I’m proud of the total rewards package we offer to our employees and encourage them to let us know what they think of it on a regular basis. We listen to their feedback and take it into consideration when we review our total rewards offerings each year. It helps us ensure that our programs continue to meet their needs, while remaining competitive with other employers.

Want to learn more about the total rewards strategy Glenda and her team have created? Visit our career site for a complete list of offerings.

Glenda is Vice President, Total Rewards at Express Scripts.

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