PwC Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has opened its largest Experience Center in Prague, Czech Republic

PwC Česká republika

PwC decided their largest Experience Center in CEE would be based in Prague. Prague’s Pankrác district, therefore, became a place where international experts and leading practitioners on innovation, digital, analytics and technology serve clients within CEE and globally.

"The Experience Centre is a transformation of our culture – how we co-create with clients and therefore guide them through a new client journey; secondly this Center is an expression of how we innovate and develop disruptive products and solutions through rapid prototyping and application development. We want our clients to be immersed in an environment, where they seek PwC to solve their hardest challenges. We pride ourselves on helping companies in CEE and globally compete and win in the industries they serve,” said Flavio Palaci, PwC CEE Data Analytics and Digital leader.